Large Bee Box

This Bee Box Hamper is a perfect gift. Its 100% natural, plastic free and chemical free. A lovely introduction into the beautiful bee world. In this box you'll find 

Raw Welsh Honey 12oz

Sustainable Wooden Honey Stirer/ Dipper

Organic Hemp Food Wrap Full Set, made with our Welsh filtered beeswax, organic jojoba oil and sustainable pine resin, wrapped in our bespoke Seedpaper paper label 

Wire Bee Tote Bag. Hand drawn and hand printed, this bag is great for gifts and small shopping trips, making it perfect for never needing to use single use products again. 

100% Natural Beeswax Natural Soap in gift box 

100% Natural Beeswax Candle Large Jar with Seed paper label and special gift box with bow. 

100% Beeswax Hand rolled pillar candle with Seed paper label. 

Our bespoke labels are designed and printed in house to have less impact on the environment. The labels are plantable paper with seeds inside that grow wildflowers the bees love, this encourages more pollination, a better environment and happy bees. 

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