6 Pontcanna Mews, Kings Road, Cardiff. CF11 9DF 

Bee Box Bundle

The perfect box of Feel Better 

* Raw Welsh Honey - 6 benefits of honey to humans

Relieves stress

Reduces inflammation 

Boosts the immune system

An antioxidant 

Detoxes the liver 

Relieves symptoms of menopause 

* Lavender Bath Bomb - Aids sleep and restless legs.

* Raw Welsh Honey soap - Natural cleansing and moisturising. Honey replenishes the skin, being anti viral and anti bacterial. The organic oils sooth skin and heal damaged areas. 

* Pure Beeswax candle - Cleans the air, stop headaches, relieve’s hay fever symptoms and aid sleep.

Hand printed sustainable recycled card box box with water based ink. Sustainable acid free tissue. 

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