Product information

Product information



At Blossom & Nectar we only use natural organic unrefined products, these will determine the end colour result of our products. Although we do like to add a sparkle and that is with a gold Ecosparks mica based glitter. Derived from natural mica and designed for use in toiletries. It is 100% plastic free and meets the requirements of UK legislation for inclusion of rinse off products.



Our soap is made in house and in small batches using the cold process. All our products are natural organic and our honey is raw welsh honey. Some products contain sustainable organic palm oil supplied by members of RSPO from Columbia and not from the rain forests that effect orangoutangs or deforestation.


Bath bombs

Our bathbombs are made in house in small batches. We use only 100% essential oils and dried local petals. Full details are in our certificates appendix


Candle Wax

All our candles are 100% British beeswax, this ensures all the health benefits are still retained within the wax and not processed out or from low quality hives. We can trace each candle back to its apiary. We only use ethical bee farmers and apiaries.


Animal Testing

We don’t test any products on animals or use any products that have been tested on animals.


Fine China

 Our China is manufactured in Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent. We only use UK sourced materials and UK manufacturing to create our fine china range, we’re passionate about supporting UK business and industry. We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and support local as much as possible, or fair trade to support small business.



It is the law to comply to EU guidelines and GMP. All our products and manufacturing is to these guidelines and registration on the CPNP ( Cosmetics Products Notification Portal)




CPNP - Cosmetic Products Notification Portal

CPSR - Cosmetic Product Safety Reports

RSPO - Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oils

COSMOS - Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard

BBKA - British Beekeepers association