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Bath Bombs

Bath bombs


We created some bath bombs out of a need to stop our restless nights. We either hurt from running, get irritable legs or just too many things in our heads. Grief, anxiety and life situations can decide to show up in the night time. We found a good bedtime routine to try to get a few hours is helpful. We’re all time poor and finding half hour to relax seems out of the question or something to do when things have settled down. So we stay awake all night instead worrying about various things. Take half an hour, use some self care methods and feel better...


Honey & Lavender

This is go to for a relaxing evening. A nice warm bath,a podcast, a book or maybe complete silence. A candle, we recommend a beeswax for a truly calming experience and maybe a little lavender soap to wash the day off your face. Honey and lavender are firm favourites for skincare and calming qualities.


Honey & Rosemary

Our rosemary bombs are great on their own or along with our rosemary soaps. We use them after a run or when we need a boost in the morning to get our brains and bodies working instead of aching. The honey leaves our skin feeling fantastic and works really well with the rosemary essential oil and petals.


Hey honey feel better

Our feel better bombs are created to help your legs calm down along with your mind. Lay back and enjoy the Epsom salts soak into your your skin whilst our honey makes it feel moisturised. Let the gentle subtle smell of Ylang Ylang calm you so you leave your long soak feeling rested and ready for bed.

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